Mistress Jessika (x_justadream_x) wrote in 4thegotheye,
Mistress Jessika

I got my braces off this morning and i wanna flaunt the fun of no more metal *woot* Take a look at the other too, let me know what ya think, Oh and, im thinking of replacing the white/gray/silver lipstick and doing red...whatcha think?! : x Jessika

You Like It

hood Me Leaving Skool
jes Me
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WhO is that girl with the nice teeth?!!! hehehehe. i like the red. mmm. seriously. it looks really cool and old school. i like it a load. fo'real.

*waves hands* dat be me *giggles*, Im glad ya like! Its a keeper so far! : x Jessika
First off, you are so pretty. Yay! *pouts with jealousy*
I love the red on you, it looks awesome, pretty girl <33.
Awww *hugs* thank you, Im sure yer very beautiful too, dont be jealous of me!

Thank you, its a keeper! : x Jessika
Definitely not beautiful :(. Yes, I can see why it's a keeper! <33
Yes. The red SO works.

Congrats on losing the braces!
thank you

thank you *hugs* : x Jessika
Hey, congrats on getting your braces off!!

Everyone seems to be liking the red, but the silver/gray/white looks cooler, to me at least.
well thank you! *hugs* Wanna bake me a cake? Heheh

Well ill switch around according to what i wear but the gray and white was gettin boring and this one girl was kalling me JIzzLIps and i was getting pissed so now im gonna shove the white lipstick up her ass so she leaks it out! : x Jessika
Haha, well if I knew how to bake anything that didn't initially come in a can I would definitly bake you a cake!

So I guess the white lipstick is out seeing as how it's going to find it's way up the ass of that chick who was calling you "jizzlips" ah well, red it is then! hahaha.
Congrats!!! Lovely smile dear and now the lipstick...both look great. But change is good. Go red.
thank you
thank you *blushes* hehe im happy with them as well and flaunt it but im used to closing my mouth when i smile haha!

Alrite, Red it is! *huggles* : x Jessika
the red iz definately hott.
Yes, I difiantly have to agree w/ most people the red lipstick does look the best. And I'm glad that you stick up for yourself and your beauty. "Beauty is in the eye ov the beholder". So just ignore that girl that was calling you that awful name. I'd kick her ass for you if I lived close by. LOL.
And yes, you do have pretty teeth. ():D
*Huggles *