Drag Ball : May 18th!
bois will be grrrls, grrrls will be bois at Haven's gender bending Ball...
featuring All The Kings Men (drag king performance troupe from Boston),
a costume pageant, amateur drag acts, and oh so much more...
also on the 18th... Informatik 'Re:Vision' CD Release Party!
Informatik (Metropolis Records) is the work of former Bostonians Da5id Din
and Tyler Newman (who has both dj'ed and played at Haven with his original project Battery Cage).
'Re:Vision' features new material as well as new versions of previously released
material and remixes by Iris, Assemblage 23, and Funker Vogt.

more info @ www.thehavenclub.com


Hey everyone!

There's this semi new message board I know about that really needs new members! We need more members to help keep the community alive and active :) The members we have are great and would love to hear from you. If you are interested in the paranormal/ghosts,spirits,psychics..etc you will really wanna join and tell us of your expereinces. It's on an EZboard and we have ghost pics up! We also need new pics for next month so if you have any pics please send them! It would be really nice to see new people there so if you like ghosts please visit-psychic readings also available-no charge. :)

if you aren't interested sorry to waste your time :)
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Help Needed!!

Hi all,
Could someone please suggest places to go or visit in and close to weymouth? I am visiting the place in May and need things to occupy my time. Need places to go in the day and at night.
Are there any decent clubs or pubs etc?
Also, maybe a tour guide might be of some help!! :o)

Blaak x (deadmelody)
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Okay, first im gonna apologise for the serious x posting on this, but its a shame to let it go to waste.

I am guest listed for tonight at club_compulsion for myself and a guest.

However, seeing as vampire_hawk has now had to go back down south, I dont have a guest.

So, if anyone wanted to go there but couldnt afford it, or if you just want to save a bit of money, either send me a text (for those that know my number), email or any other means necessary. You'll have to be quick though, its gonna be first cum first served etc.

Alternatively, throw a small bomb in my general direction at FNGS@The Bristol Pear tonight, and if the space hasnt been filled then you have yourself free entry...

Hurry ;o)

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