Mistress Jessika (x_justadream_x) wrote in 4thegotheye,
Mistress Jessika


I know what your thinking "ugh, another vanity rating community" but hey, chill out and yes it is.....buttttttttttttt. (big but here) This is better, and funner. All ya do is follow a few simple rules, fill out the application and prove your a vanity/camwhore. Then, after 24-48 hours youll be stamped and approved after a mjaorty rule or due to a moderators descison. We will have a monthly theme, this weeks is "[[[ From baby....to ooooh baby! ]]].... ". Fun ey? LMAO, well, more people, the better! Youll be judged by the application, your proff of vanity and camwhoreness and then your in. More interests with members or beliefs, or just anything fun, BROWNIE POINTS. And if you mention NEW*JESSIKA INVITE*More brownie points. Its only judging well...because its fun, you have to admit, and once your in, you can post all you want, meet new people and just psot piks to anything, no bashing allowed, check out the info and if you decide to try, i wish you luck and i know all you beautiful and vain people out there will LOVE IT
:x Jessika
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